Beacon: Fire was suspect

BEACON INSURANCE COMPANY says Barbados Fire Service officials found the 2012 fire at Workbench Furniture was one of suspicious origin, with ignitable liquids found at the source of the fire. The door to the complex was locked.

But despite having this information and reports that said Workbench was in “desperate financial condition prior to the loss”, the Trinidad-based insurance company said it opted not to respond to Workbench’s “smear campaign” in the print media because doing so was against its core values.

This information came from the company’s chief operations officer Christopher Woodhams, who finally broke the company’s silence yesterday.

Speaking to the SATURDAY SUN at the company’s Sky Mall offices, in Haggatt Hall, Woodhams and his Barbados general manager Brian Hennis outlined the timeline of events that followed the April 2012 fire.